Classes at Grand Basin Yoga Forest Park are on Saturdays at 9:30am, Sundays at 11am, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

In the winter season, we only meet outdoors when the temperature is 55 degrees and above.

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Upcoming Workshops include

Yoga Nidra and Sound

Partner Yoga and Massage

Holistic Winter Wellness

Tune Up Yoga with Props

Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival

Women’s Weekend 16


Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well being. Let us work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.
— Narendra Modi, UN General Assembly

The 9th year of Grand Basin Yoga Forest Park has begun!
Save time and trees!
Pre register via (new student form, mailing list, PayPal link) Cash, check, and credit card are accepted on site.
Sometimes there is live music!
Class cards are available for your convenience and you can always drop in!

the schedule:
Monday 6:30p
Wednesday 6:30p
Saturday 9:30a
Sunday 11a

The practice of dedication, patience and subtlety is often overlooked in favor of making photo-worthy shapes out of the body and participating in fast paced classes that keep us moving outward instead of inward.
Come enjoy a powerful, thoughtful, rejuvenating yoga practice that begins to fulfill what your true self deeply desires and helps you gain inner peace, calm and true satisfaction.
Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm, Saturday at 9:30am and Sunday at 11
Dianna Lucas is a Medicine Woman and Retreat Facilitator. Her mission is to provide support for people in trusting their inner wisdom as a guide to a life of fulfillment. She is a lifetime student of and a progressive teacher of meditation and movement techniques that embody the coexistence of ancient and contemporary cultures. Her teachings for spiritual development are fostered in the unification of ritual and practice, grounded in a trauma informed approach.
A seasoned teacher with 30 years of experience, Dianna is the founder of Grand Basin Yoga Forest Park in St. Louis, and the bi-annual Women’s Weekend Retreat, located at Camp Manitowa in Benton, IL.

Dianna teaches Holistic Yoga; a blend of traditions including Hatha and Yantra yoga with traditional native practices. It is open to all levels and welcomes advanced practitioners alongside beginners. Her classes offer inspiration from many traditions and include meditation, intention setting, pranayama and challenging asana urging the practioner back to primal movement. Classes are very focused but delivered with a sense of humor. You will leave feeling relaxed, energized, and inspired. For registration visit #sacredwisdom

________________________Past Events are listed here_____________________________

Join me June 10 and 11 for the 4th annual Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival!

Not everyone is a father or has a relationship with the one they have, but I am designating a special day to honor men this Sunday. Come for practice, meditation, and special treats. Beginners welcome.
Many men are already recognizing the benefits of mindfulness yoga, and meditation. There is a strong community of supportive and welcoming men who have been practicing regularly. This is the perfect day to bring your skeptical loved ones! Women are welcome, of course!
Drop-in or class card

June 21- 6:30-8:30PM

Celebrate International Yoga Day, the beginning of summer, & the longest day of the year!
We begin with meditation and yoga practice, live music, a cacao ceremony, and finish with a community potluck.


Women’ Weekend 14 April 28-30,2017  (registration is open)

Please visit the Women’s Weekend Page for details.

Early Bird Rate $325

Flavor and Flamenco: A night of music and other-worldly delights.

Lliam Christy’s seductive guitar and magical hand-made desserts from the kitchen witch will entice and delight you.
Decaf coffee, herbal elixirs and tea are available, but please byob if you choose to have wine.

Advance Tickets Only ~ $30
(They are transferrable but non-refundable.)

the venue:Patti Gabriel is a visual artist and photographer and her space is a reflection of her ecclectic and impeccable style in the hidden hamlet of Clifton Heights located at 6210 Columbia Avenue, Saint Louis, MO. The gallery is currently showing the work of local folk artist Theresa Disney and the space is available for events and overnight or weekend adventures.
the music:
After many years of touring as a soloist and with The Reventones, Lliam Christy has built up a loyal following. Lliam plays an intriguing mix of traditional Flamenco along with Brazilian, Cuban Classical, Popular and some surprises. Lliam is known for his beautifully inventive original compositions and passionate performances.
The flamenco guitar’s roots are planted firmly in the Moorish and Spanish cultures from which it evolved. The guitar is a mixture of elements from instruments from both cultures. While flamenco dancing may be the most visually stunning aspect of a flamenco performance, the artform revolves completely around the seduction of the music.the food:
Dianna Lucas is a medicine woman and a kitchen witch She is a lover of elixirs and potions of organic raw food and mostly of chocolate.Potent and unorthodox and combined with essential oils, herbs & spices, raw cacao becomes a luxurious libation and an endorphin raising elixir.
Cacao is part of the Mayan Creation Myth, and is believed to be of divine origin. Theobroma means Food of the Gods.Used as a food, a medicine, and a currency, cacao has been cultivated throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America since the Early Formative Period (1900-900 BC). Chemical constituents include antioxidants and the chemicals phenylethylamine and anandamide, (ananda means bliss in sanskrit) which play a role in why chocolate makes us feel so good. From quickening the pulse to effects on blood pressure and blood sugar that translate to excitement, consuming chocolate often creates feelings of elation.The modern, more refined version of chocolate has been made into various edibles to increase shelf life, to reduce cost, and to” improve” taste; contains less of the original cacao and its more than 300 phytonutrients. Today, most Americans eat milk chocolate, which is refined cocoa with milk solids and sugar added; few have ever tasted the original, raw cacao of legend.This is your opportunity.Sample sweets crafted with love, with incantations, and raw cacao and see where the evening takes you.Please let me know if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, while there is no processed sugar, or GMO’s, these treats do have nuts and are handled in a very nutty kitchen. Some offerings will contain flour as well. I can make special provisions if you notify me by March 1.There will be many forms of temptations and delights, but there is limited space for this intimate evening and advance tickets are necessary. Please use this link to register by March 1.

*Tickets are $30 in advance They are transferrable but non-refundable.

Tantra Yoga Thai Massage and Sacred Cacao

 Moving from the heart, this workshop for couples will unite partners through the healing touch of Thai Massage and aspects of Tantric yoga.
Tantra yoga is a practice that can be used to expand the connection and awareness between a couple, creating a deeper bond spiritually with each other.
We will stretch together, laugh together, massage each other, share some delicious and sacred cacao together, while learning to give and receive generously.
Without a Valentine this year? Register with a close friend, or other loved one! All levels are welcome. $75 per pairJoin Anne L. Childers and Dianna Lucas for an enchanting evening of connection, relaxation, and Sacred Cacao

$75 per pair


Chakra Yoga and Meditation



We will practice Yoga (asana) and Meditation techniques to balance and deepen our understanding of the chakras (energy centers) as an ever evolving practice to expand our self awareness and our connection to all beings. We will consider ancient teachings and their contemporary interpretations as we explore the ways that food, herbs, oils, stones, colors, vibrations, movement, and thoughts can affect our energy and perception

This class will include many techniques and a notebook or journal is recommended.
Prior yoga experience is helpful but not necessary.

* Each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body and with specific life issues and the way we handle them, both inside ourselves and in our interactions with the world. Chakras can be thought of as sites where we receive, absorb, and distribute life energies. Through external situations and internal habits, such as long-held physical tension and limiting self-concepts, a chakra can become either deficient or excessive—and therefore imbalanced. *
Practices to regain balance through movement, meditation, and discussion will build from root to crown and culminate with opportunities to prepare for continuing personal practice.

Each class will last between 75 and 90 minutes
5 sessions are $75


Coming Soon:

Alignment Workshop

The Goddess Speaks- an archetypal intensive. Energy work and yoga- a workshop of movement, breath and chakra balancing using foods, asana, and other magical modalities.

Care for the Care Givers a holistic living practicum in May. 

Gift Certificates for Workshops, Private Sessions, Coaching, Group Classes, Retreats, and the So St. Louis Gift Box are available. 

use this link


Equinox retreat at Touch of Nature Environmental Center


Welcome the start of spring with a weekend yoga retreat on the beautiful grounds of SIU’s Touch of Nature. Activities include four yoga and meditation sessions, a drum circle, a fire circle, an owl prowl, interpretive hikes , time for quiet reflection, animal totem workshop, druming workshop, and much more.


Participants will also enjoy five vegetarian gluten-free meals with an available vegan option prepared by acclaimed Chef Corey Marion of Women’s Weekend Fame.

Join us on an Owl Prowl and  Animal Totem Workshop

great-horned-owl-st-louis-missouriDynamic alignment-based Hatha yoga.

Men and women welcome.

Beginners welcome.

                     Drumming Workshop and Circle with Ben Von Harz


Register via

Register here via PayPal – Please add to cart the workshop without lodging, then add your choice of accommodations.

Women’s Weekend 12 at Camp Manitowa

April 29th – May 1st

For more information click here

Click to Register Via CampActive.Com



January 1

I will be  participating in the multi-facilitator day of self care and love.

Join me for Reiki and Crystal therapy, Joy Montes for gentle yoga and intention setting, accompanied by the beautiful voice of Anu French.



healing herbs in glass bottles, herbal medicine

Herbal Apothecary 101: Teas, Tinctures, and Tonics              

This is a two hour demonstration and conversation about making your own formulas for herbal teas, infusions, poultices, and baths. You will also learn about medicinal properties of roots and herbs for making your own soups and stews to keep you well through the winter. You will learn about uses for tinctures, tonics, elixirs, and essential oils. You will leave with a basic understanding for using medicinal herbs. a list of sources, and wellness tonic tea to take home. We will have some delicious teas and soups to sample! $35 in advance $40 at the door.



   Sound healing journey, dream circle, and ritual with

                            GongLab   Sleeping in the Forest

November 14-15 at Toddhall Retreat Center in Columbia IL




Single Occupancy $225 per perso

Single Occupancy $225 per person

Double Occupancy $175 per person

Triple Occupancy $175 per person

Includes  All programs, lodging and 4 delicious, healthful meals by  acclaimed Chef Corey Marion.

This Retreat is Co-ed and sleeping arrangements are for single, double, or triple occupancy. If you are registering for double or triple occupancy please e-mail to let me know who you will be staying with or if you will need to find a room mate.

As a part of a weekend-long workshop of healing mandalas, guided imagery, meditation and community, the Gong Bath is the crescendo of the evening program. Since many have requested a separate opportunity to experience the journey but are not able to stay overnight, a few spaces are available on a first to register basis.

The fee for just the extended sound journey and shadow show is $55 which includes chai or golden milk elixir, dessert, post sound bath activities, and Fire Ceremony.

“Bedtime stories were not meant to put the children to sleep, but rather to awaken the adults.”

There is a long association between the forest and the unconscious mind which is often seen as feminine. Vegetation is in control here, unregulated; the domain of the Great Mother, the Feminine Principle. As a marked boundary, forests symbolize the frontier, thresholds, the unknown–home to fairy tales and legends. Journeys into them are seen as initiations, tests and challenges; to return is to be reborn.

“Sleeping in the Forest” is a transformation tale and guided visualization told through shadow puppetry. The story, inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Sleeping in the Forest” initiates a sonic, visual, and visceral journey into the liminal realm of dreams to connect with Nature and invoke the support of the Unconscious. Bring your mat, blanket and pillow and drift off immersed in this spell-inducing story of renewal and rebirth while surrounded by woods. The tale unfolds in flickering candlelight as a spiraling cocoon of luminous healing sound produced by ceremonial gongs, bowls, bells, drums and otherworldly vocals carries you deep into the Archetypal Forest–a place of investigation, opportunity, and energetic attunement.

Live Music: Oliver Seay, Shu Shubat
Shadow Show Design & Construction: Mike Oleon, Carl Brahms
Videograpahy: Carl Brahms

There will be an outdoor ritual to create the Fire Lodge and following the Sound Journey a Fire and drum ceremony and circle. Sunday morning will include breakfast and Dream Circle and Sunday afternoon will close with a Labyrinth.

This immersive multi-media program includes a transformation tale and guided visualization told through shadow puppetry, a fire ceremony and drum circle, an extended GongBath, and a practice in which we will explore methods of accessing and unraveling the dreamlike language of the Unconscious – helpful in decoding the images, symbols and sensations that often emerge in our guided visualizations, sound journeys, meditations and dreams.

This is an overnight retreat and accommodations are limited, please register now to reserve your room!

What to bring: Mat, pillow, blanket. Bring your rattles and drums if you have them! warm clothing/boots for outdoor ritual. Comfortable clothing and bedding for your sound journey.  A journal and or sketch book are recommended. 



Women’s Weekend 11! October 2-4, 2015 


Photo by Firefly Universe


You are going to Camp!
Women’s Weekend is a time for investing in you. You will have many opportunities to learn new things about yourself, try new things, meet new friends and share moments with old ones over the weekend. You will grow this weekend.

Women’s Weekend is designed with a deep appreciation for how busy and exhausted women are today and how taking time for ourselves can be a radical act for most of us. So, grab your book lights and pillows, yoga mats and sleeping bags, and put YOU at the top of your to-do list. See you this weekend at Camp Manitowa!

If you don’t see the names of your friends who are coming along in the CC list, please let me know asap!!

More details on the Women’s Weekend 10 page: WW11 Details

huts 15

On-line registration: REGISTER ONLINE

ropes tightrope

Link to early bird registration: EARLY BIRD

To make the most of the days and nights, be prepared for all weather. Make sure you bring enough warm clothes and blankets, and hiking boots or galoshes will be helpful if the ground gets wet.

Details on what to bring to Camp and driving Directions can be found on our Women’s Weekend page here:


All love and blessings,


6:00-9:00 P.M.



OCTOBER 27TH is the Next Full Moon Floating Circle

River’s Edge Park in Chesterfield MO- Carpool is encouraged$37 Includes Rental, Insurance, and Circle
goddess leaves
SASS~ Your Sacred Authentic Sexual Self
August 29, 2015, 10 am to 10 pm on the Magical LandJoin us for a juicy day of renewal, release and realignment to your sacred sexy self. Connect with your Goddess within, renew your authentic intimate self, align with your light and reignite your power.10 am to 10 pm on Laura Lynne’s Magic Land in the country with 3 Juicy Goddesses Sherry SummersDianna Lucas and Laura Lynne Dyer.Meet and connect with sacred sisterhood of Goddesses, love and accept your pleasure zones through tantalizing Thai Yoga massage, dynamic dance, restorative yoga, powerful emotional release and much more. It’s a day of renewal, release and restoration. Bring some light foods to share and to sustain you. Part of our ritual is nourishing fun foods that will delight and refresh us.Bring everything you need for your personal comfort including a cozy den blanket, 2 big firm couch pillows and a bed pillow, a fantastic potluck dinner item to share and your favorite water bottle. The option of a rustic sleepover is available if needed. Your personal safety and comfort is key!The Land is about an hour from St. Louis in a country setting.
(Directions provided with registration) Some activities are outside so dress cool and free, Goddess gown light dress or skirt with yoga clothing underneath or at hand. Bring shoes that like mud, suntan lotion and bug spray if you wish. Clothing optional.bird goddess floralDirections and details follow with signup
A perfect payment for every Goddess:
Sustaining: $108-$150 is the median, it means you are sustaining events like this.
Abundant: $150 + you are conscious of your abundance and supporting sisters who might not otherwise be able to come.
Receiving: $75-$108 you are receiving support from your generous sisters.
We want to support every woman who feels the call to attend. Let us know if you have a different exchange of energy to offer and we will try to work it out.
Sacred Authentic Sexual Self
August 29, 2015, 10 am to 10 pm on the Magical Land 

A perfect payment for every Goddess

 DSC_2521E_BLOG_________________________________________________SAVE THE DATES FOR THESE UPCOMING RETREATS:FIRE LODGE WEEKEND (for all genders) November  2015


TULUM FULL MOON RETREAT February 20-24, 2016

GongLab Schedule of Events

• Saturday March 21, 7-9pm  – Gong Bath
Meditation On Clearing, Repairing, Revitalization. (Details below.)
@ Joy Of Yoga,  3525 Watson Rd STL
$35 Adv.  /  $45 Day Of

• Sunday March 22, 2-4pm
Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls
@ MacroSun, 1310 Washington Ave., STL
Learn how to choose the bowl that’s right for your purpose. Discover simple techniques for working with your bowl in your meditation or self care practice.
$25 Pre-registered by March 18 only. (Details below.)

• Sunday March 22 , 6-8pm – Gong Bath
Spring Equinox Meditation: Budding, Blooming, Flourishing. (Details below.)
@ Joy Of Yoga,  3525 Watson Rd STL
$35 Adv.  /  $45 Day Of

GongLab Details and Registration



• Saturday March 21, 7-9pm – Gong Bath
Meditation on clearing and revitalizing. A guided journey to rewrite old contracts, uncover parts of ourselves that have been split off, and retrieve energy that can help bring to life positive outcomes aligned with our newly formed intentions. (Purchase tickets below)

• Sunday March 22, 6-8pm – Gong Bath
Equinox Meditation on the budding, buzzing, blooming energy supporting us as we move into Spring! A guided journey to access untapped resources that can germinate the seeds of new potentials, support our healing and allow our dreams to produce lush new growth. (Purchase tickets below)

• Sunday March 22, 2-4pm
Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls Workshop
@ MacroSun, 1310 Washington Ave., STL (Purchase tickets and view Workshop details below)


“For some the experience is meditative, other’s emotional, even transcendent, but in all circumstances it is a powerful and unforgettable event.” 

Enter a liminal realm where profound clearing and recalibration of the physical, mental, and subtle bodies can occur. GongLab is best known for its deeply transporting blend of guided visualization, healing sound, hypnotic percussion, and otherworldly vocals. Each session carefully creates a protected space to disengage from stress and pain, and allows us to feel the deep relief, bliss, and nurturance of reconnecting with the revitalizing energies of the larger whole.

The evening begins by candlelight with a direction of intention and guided meditation as participants, reclining comfortably on the floor, are ushered into a spiraling cocoon of luminous sound. The shimmering reverberations of the Earth Gong create sound pressure waves that travel through the connective tissues which form one continuous network into all parts and systems of the body down to a cellular level. These multi-tonal frequencies facilitate the movement of “chi” or “prana” in the body and initiate the release of blocked energy that can often manifest as fear, fatigue, depression or illness. As this energetic recalibration takes place we experience the kind of reorganization of our inner resources that can help us transcend the challenging situations in our daily lives and access new templates for being.

Participants will lay comfortably on the floor for most of the experience. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow, and any items in support of your deepest clearing and relaxation.

These events sold out last November, please be sure to register in advance to save your space!

PAY IT FORWARD OFFER:  “If you would  like to purchase a ticket to share with someone who may not otherwise be able to attend, your generosity will be rewarded.  I will offer you a free drop-in class at any of my locations and you will feel wonderful inside and out.” – Dianna Lucas

Purchase Tickets for Saturday March 21, 7-9pm  – Gong Bath
Meditation On Clearing, Repairing, Revitalization.
@Joy Of Yoga  3525 Watson Rd., STL
$35 Adv.  /  $45 Day Of



Purchase Tickets for Sunday March 22, 6-8pm – Gong Bath
Spring Equinox Meditation: Budding, Blooming, Flourishing.
@Joy Of Yoga  3525 Watson Rd., STL
$35 Adv.  /  $45 Day Of


Sunday March 22, 2-4pm
Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls
@ MacroSun, 1310 Washington Ave., STL
$25 Pre-registered by March 18 only.

Singing bowls have many subtle variations in form, each with it’s own characteristic sound signature. Finding the bowl that’s right for you can sometimes be a confusing endeavor. In this two hour workshop we will begin by identifying the many variations of singing bowl shapes and sizes and discussing their qualities and applications.

We will then learn techniques for working with the bowls in your personal meditation or self care practice. The bowls can be used to ground, energize, balance, clear, and promote deeper states of meditation. Find out how you can get the most out of working with your bowl and experience the array of energetic effects that can be can produced in a series of simple one and two bowl exercises that you can incorporate into your daily practice.

Mallets also vary widely,  both in shape and size and the materials they are made with. Discover which mallet is most suitable to the bowl you are using, and the energetic quality you are trying to  produce from the bowl.

Lastly we will cover how to care for your bowl and the basic repair and alteration of mallets.

Feel free to bring your own singing bowls and mallets if you have them.  Bowls and mallets will also be on hand for those who do not currently own one, and those interested in learning more about the variety of bowls available before investing in one, or purchasing a second. This will be an experiential workshop with the majority of our time devoted to the hands-on learning exercises.

Please pre-register before March 18 so that we can make sure to have materials on hand for everyone participating.


Purchase tickets for Introduction to Himalayan Bowls Workshop, March 22, 2-4pm
@ MacroSun, 1310 Washington Ave., STL

More info on GongLab:

What might you expect in a GongLab session?: CLICK HERE

Q & A with GongLab’s Shubat: CLICK HERE


BIO: Mentored in the Medicine Buddha Sound Healing Mandala by Lama Lobsang Palden, Shu Shubat and Oliver Seay combine practices and teachings of spiritual Wisdom Traditions, Jungian therapeutic modalities, and Mindfulness techniques to create powerfully harmonic community experiences. For the past 4 years GongLab has been the featured guest at the Medicine Buddha Retreat co-lead by Lama Lobsang Palden and Indo-Tibetan Buddhist scholar Dr. Robert Thurman at Tibet House’s Menla Mountain Conference Center in upstate New York. Oliver is a critically acclaimed percussionist and composer, a Reiki Master and a Vortex Healing practitioner. Shu is a graduate of the Clinical Training Program in Analytic Psychology at the C. G. Jung Institute in Chicago.  She is a vocalist, musician and the Artistic Director of the renown Jellyeye Drum Theatre, which she co-founded with Seay in 1992.

The instrument most central to GongLab‘s work is a 38″ gong tuned to the frequency of the Earth as it transits around the Sun. This same vibrational signature is attributed to the seed sound OM, thought to be the Primordial Sound, and the very ground of our Being. In their ongoing exploration of holistic earth based teachings, the Earth Gong serves as an actively resonant metaphor for the encircling reparative energy of the “Great Mother,” the Divine Feminine and the eternal life force that fuels all life.


Mamas and Babies and Toddlers, Oh My!


This has become a weekly class! Join us every Friday at 11 AM
Location: Joy of Yoga
Cost: $14 + tax

Please purchase at the studio via cash check or mind body online, and please register here on the new student form.

Gather in the mama circle to share the wisdom for preparing for parenthood. I will teach herbs and asana for fertility and prenatal yoga practice, breast feeding information and dialogue, answering questions about nutrition and meal plans for you and your new family, easing  into new roles and relationships, how to navigate in-laws, babysitters, and more. We’ll cover a lot in 60 minutes . Please come with an open mind and open heart. Littles can be unpredictable so we go with the flow!  Dress for yoga and please bring your babies and your toddlers and grandparents, cousins, friends, nannies and  daddies!  Bring your wraps to try babywearing yoga and toddler yoga. If the participants are inclined, we will practice poses for fertility and for labor and tip for postpartum recovery.

Grand Basin Yoga Forest Park 2015 Season begins April 1st at 6 p.m.


Grand Basin Yoga photo by George Eichelberger

Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 p.m.
Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at 11:30 a.m.

The schedule will change as the season progresses and we will meet indoors during inclement weather.  You will need to register or e-mail for that information. Thanks!!

Register Here for Grand Basin Yoga

Check out the fun slideshow from WW8! CLICK HERE