Sacred Feminine Retreat with Laura Lynne Dyer on the magic land in Lonedell MO.

Join me for a weekend of Sacred Wisdom with Laura Lynne, the Treehouse Wise Woman as we take a weekend to delve into what is feminine, what is sexual, what is sensual, and what is sacred.

We will open our circle at 10am on Saturday June 9th

We will share delicious family style meals, stories, fireside wisdom, and ancient and modern practices for the contemporary woman.

$222.00 per month for 6 months.

Take advantage of our discount if you choose to pay in advance.

(If you prefer to pay by check, cash, Venmo, or PayPal transfer, please call 314-495-9960)


 Women’s Weekend at Camp Cedar Point in Makanda IL
New Moon: a journey into journaling with yoga and meditation setting intentions and visioning for each moon of the upcoming year.The Goddess Speaks- an archetypal intensive. Energy work and yoga- a workshop of movement, breath and chakra balancing using foods, asana, and other magical modalities.


Gift Certificates for Workshops, Private Sessions, Coaching, Group Classes, Retreats, and the So St. Louis Gift Box are available. 

Please visit the Women’s Weekend 16 page for more information and to register.



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Women’s Weekend 11 at Camp Manitowa: October 2-4 2015

Women’s Weekends are designed for women who want to enrich and nurture themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you have an adventurous spirit and are looking for a unique life experience, join us September 9-11, 2016. This thought-provoking, healthy women’s weekend will combine a variety of outdoor activities such as Camp Manitowa’s ropes course, kayaking, and hiking, with yoga, meditation, and engaging workshops for women of all ages.


The food is amazing too! Women’s Weekend menus include vegetarian and gluten-free options. When you register you may select your dietary preferences and even the women you wish to bunk with in a yurt.


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Register at Camp Manitowa’s website, or contact me for more information.

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Fire Lodge Weekend

Check back for details and registration link.

This is an immersive multi-media program that includes guided visualization and sacred sounds, a fire ceremony, yoga, guided meditation and time to relax and enjoy the autumn outdoors.
The weekend will open with a mindful yoga and meditation practice for those that wish to participate. Sunday begins with breakfast and Dream Circle and the afternoon will close with a nature walk. This Retreat is Co-ed and sleeping arrangements can be for Single, Double, or dorm style occupancy. The food will be prepared by our fabulous Chef Corey Marion of Women’s Weekend Fame!
There is a long association between the forest and the unconscious mind which is often seen as feminine. This is the domain of the Great Mother, the Feminine Principle. Forests symbolize the frontier, thresholds, the unknown. The wild numinous forest is the home of fairy tales and legends. Journeys into them are seen as initiations, tests and challenges; to return is to be reborn.
Our evening unfolds in flickering candlelight as a spiraling cocoon of luminous healing sound produced by ceremonial gongs, bowls, bells, drums and otherworldly vocals carries you deep into relaxation and the archetypal forest to connect with nature and invoke the support of the unconscious – a place of investigation, opportunity, and energetic attunement.
Bring your mat, blanket and pillow and drift off immersed in this spell-inducing story of renewal and rebirth while surrounded by the sounds, sensations, and fragrances of the Autumnal night woods.
Yoga Nidra and guided meditation: Dianna Lucas
This is an overnight retreat and accommodations are limited, please register now to reserve your room! What to bring: warm clothing for the outdoor gathering and a mat, pillow, and cozy blankets or comforter for the sound journey. Bring rattles and drums if you have them!

We look forward to sharing the magic with you.

Triple occupancy room:

double occupancy room:

single occupancy room: