Sacred Wisdom

Dianna Lucas is an integrative wellness specialist trained in plant medicine, meditation, integrative and somatic movement, and Shamanic practices. 

“I work with people at the beginning of life, end of life, and everything in between. I am also the founder of Grand Basin Yoga Forest Park, a private yoga studio in a public setting entering the 16th year of offerings.   See my schedule of classes for current offerings, or contact me with questions.

Together we will practice the arts of balancing your mind, body, spirit, and environment using wellness coaching, yoga, nutrition, meditation techniques, and transformational design.

Self care and self respect, respect for those around us, as well as the earth we all share, are the tenets of holistic living. It is essential to create an environment where you can feel nurtured, supported, and safe as you discover new truths about yourself and your world. These tenets are experiential, transformational and attainable, and like the practice of Asana, with perseverance, any posture can be attained.

Offerings include:

    • Transformational Retreats
    • Experiential Workshops
    • Meditation
    • Energy Modalities
    • Private Instruction
    • Partner Yoga
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • End of Life Transitions

20130828_154610Dianna is a student and teacher of meditation and movement techniques with more than 35 years of experience. Her quest for knowledge and guidance have led to areas of study in the modalities of Natural and Energy Medicine, Holistic Wellness, Shamanism, and the study of Polycultural Spirituality; The coexistence of ancient and contemporary cultures, the pursuit of spiritual development, the blending of ritual and practice, and a trauma informed approach are the cornerstones of her teaching.

Over her years of study, Dianna has had the privilege to gather knowledge and direction from seekers and teachers across the globe. Childhood curiosity led her to self-guided research at Cambridge University, UK, where she studied Celtic-Wicca and Western European Shamanism;  Her meditation studies in the American Southwest  led her to the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba at the Hanuman Temple as well as the Sufi temple and her studies of North American Shamanism with guidance from Lakota Tribe Elders.  She has drawn wisdom from the teachings of her own tribe, the Cherokee Nation as well as Peruvian ceremonial practices. 
She has studied Yoruba Traditional Ceremony and Medicine with Baba Kwame Ishangi in Chicago, Il. She became certified in Chakra Meditation and Healing Crystals Therapy; Essential Oils, Herbal and Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Guided Meditation and Visualization, Goddess Traditions, Natural Childbirth, Reiki, and Hatha Yoga beginning with Anusara based training and shifting toward  a practice of Dynamic Yoga and Kundalini. Dianna also studies Tibetan Buddhism and Yantra Yoga with Lama Lobsang Palden.
Dianna’s deep commitment, desire and willingness to share these tenets of holistic balance and to create an environment where one feels nurtured, supported, and safe, will help you discover new truths through transformational and attainable practices. She works with children and adults using trauma informed  practices. Dianna creates safe and sacred space for each person hence creating a connected community. She is honored to be your Guide.