When Love is greater than fear.

When our hearts desire becomes greater than our fear, we find a way. When we decide that we truly want something we will trade and negotiate and maneuver until we make it happen. A retreat is an opportunity for transformation, a rite of passage, and also just to get away for extreme self-care and self-love. When we say yes to ourselves we say yes to our endless possibility. If we wait until it’s meant to be, it may never come to pass. If you want it, Take it. If you want it with your whole heart, you will move mountains to make it so. This goes for anything in your life; the job, the home, the love, the peace, the skin you live in. Retreats are an opportunity to be in the company of strong, kind, loving people. The journey alone can be long and hard, the journey together is full of joy and ease. Where is your focus? There is your power. See you when you’re ready!