Ghost Ranch, NM Retreat

The Art of Food, Sacred Sound and Meditation Retreat,

Use your senses to deepen your practice of meditation and yoga on this one or two week immersion.

HEART OF DEVOTION – Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, 

December 5-10 and 12-17,  2019

A year-end restorative retreat in the same landscape which inspired  iconic artist Georgia O’Keeffe. With Heart of Devotion, three powerful facilitators have joined forces to create an experiential immersion into the sacred art of Becoming.

As Rumi famously wrote, “This being human is a guest house – every morning a new arrival.” Sometimes we need spiritual tools and allies  in order to meet the “new arrival” of a challenge or season of living. The Heart of Devotion spiritual retreat is for those seeking to navigate major life changes. This retreat is designed to be the safe and healing container required for contemplation, connection, radical self-care and the realization of your own “true north”

·       Silent Group Meditation

·       Devotional Voice 

·       Communal living experience

·       Yoga

·       Outdoor activities on the Ranch

·       Free time to rest, relax, create

The Heart of Devotion Retreat provides a curated environment designed to heighten awareness and conscious connection through your own deep listening and embodiment. Our program addresses body, mind and spirit through periods of silent meditation, devotional voice, daily yoga, community living, fun, celebration, and outdoor activity. The Heart of Devotion is where we “polish the mirror” with shared community experiences. Participants will share the historic retreat house of Casa del Sol on Ghost Ranch, preparing delicious meals  and eating together family-style. These shared daily experiences create an intimacy and dynamic connection we find so powerful in retreat.

Participants will also find themselves shedding layers and discovering deep wells of peace and healing within as they spend time each day resting, meditating, chanting, doing yoga, nurturing body and soul with fresh organic gourmet plant-based meals and the stunning  landscape of northern New Mexico.  There is space for 14 participants…

WEEK ONE: DEC. 5-10 ( women only),

WEEK TWO: DEC.12- 17 (men and women)

 $995 for 6 days all-inclusive, or $1800 for both weeks


$895 for 6 days/ $1650 for both weeks

Transportation not included  

You must register for Earlybird price before Sept 1st, 2019 by phone or online  with your $200 non-refundable deposit. 

Register by calling or texting Supriya at: (mobile) 415-570-3028, or online at


DIANNA Dianna  is an integrative wellness specialist trained in plant medicine, meditation, integrative and somatic movement, and Shamanic practices. Dianna is a student and teacher of meditation and movement techniques with more than 35 years of experience. Her quest for knowledge and guidance have led to areas of study in the modalities of Natural and Energy Medicine, Holistic Wellness, Shamanism, and the study of Polycultural Spirituality; The coexistence of ancient and contemporary cultures, the pursuit of spiritual development, the blending of ritual and practice, and a trauma informed approach are the cornerstones of her trauma informed teaching.

Dianna has been leading transformational retreats for fifteen years.

SUPRIYA  –  Supriya’s life calling is to reconnect the Heart of Humanity to the Heart of Mother Earth. As an entrepreneur, her work is in empowering individuals and groups to experience their Absolute Freedom. Supriya took eternal vows as an Ishaya monk in January 2005. She is a Universal Ishaya Meditation Teacher of teachers, leading month-long meditation retreats in the Sierras called “The Mastery of Loving”. 

A woman for all seasons, Supriya is also a Visual Artist and Integrative Life Coach, a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition since 1992, and former Manager of Family Division Programs for Landmark Worldwide, Los Angeles. As a former Executive Chef, she and her St. Louis culinary team were chosen for the honor of cooking at the James Beard House in New York City several times. 

Supriya is deeply grateful to actively participate for the last twenty years with the Lakota of North America and more recently, the Kogi of South America. She shares their indigenous wisdom with others through traditional ceremony and ritual. Together with husband Alan, she is also currently engaged in creating direct experiences in human consciousness/ awareness using acoustic sound via the international Resonance Group. 

Supriya is joyful to be co-leading spiritual retreats with her dear friends, Devavani and Dianna. “The way we intimately navigate, listen and create together is an extraordinary experience for me and the Juice of Life.” See more at:


DEVAVANI Devavani is a lifelong singer, having grown up in a musical home. Her training includes teaching music and movement education to children; directing children’s &  adult choirs; creating and producing the San Diego Conscious Music Fest in 2013 / 2015; Certification to teach Yoga of the Voice from Vox Mundi School of Sound and the Voice; and two decades experience as Music Director for Universal Spirit Center in San Diego, CA. where she has been a talented inspirational singer and a well-loved devotional chant leader.  

DevaVani relocated from San Diego to the beautiful island of Guam in 2018, and now provides local classes to her island friends as well as dynamic online  individual and group Voice Yoga sessions which teach the wisdom tradition called Nada Yoga to people around the world.

Devavani and Supriya have been co-leading spiritual retreats for the last five years in beautiful places where nature plays a powerful role in supporting their healing work. “Meeting you is truly the highlight of my work as singer and teacher. My heart soars when the power in your voice is set free!” 

See more at:


Women’s Weekend at Camp Cedar Point in Makanda IL

Full Moon: a journey into journaling with yoga and meditation setting intentions and visioning for each moon of the upcoming year.The Goddess Speaks- an archetypal intensive. Energy work and yoga- a weekend of movement, connection, breath and chakra balancing, using foods, asana, and other magical modalities.

Gift Certificates for Workshops, Private Sessions, Coaching, Group Classes, Retreats, and the So St. Louis Gift Box are available. 

Please visit the Women’s Weekend 21 page for more information and to register.


Photos on this page by Firefly Universe

Women’s Weekend 11 at Camp Manitowa: October 2-4 2015

Women’s Weekends are designed for women who want to enrich and nurture themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you have an adventurous spirit and are looking for a unique life experience, join us September 9-11, 2016. This thought-provoking, healthy women’s weekend will combine a variety of outdoor activities such as Camp Manitowa’s ropes course, kayaking, and hiking, with yoga, meditation, and engaging workshops for women of all ages.


The food is amazing too! Women’s Weekend menus include vegetarian and gluten-free options. When you register you may select your dietary preferences and even the women you wish to bunk with in a yurt.


group downward-dogs

Register at Camp Manitowa’s website, or contact me for more information.

group-photo camp-sign

Fire Lodge Weekend

Check back for details and registration link.

This is an immersive multi-media program that includes guided visualization and sacred sounds, a fire ceremony, yoga, guided meditation and time to relax and enjoy the autumn outdoors.
The weekend will open with a mindful yoga and meditation practice for those that wish to participate. Sunday begins with breakfast and Dream Circle and the afternoon will close with a nature walk. This Retreat is Co-ed and sleeping arrangements can be for Single, Double, or dorm style occupancy. The food will be prepared by our fabulous Chef Corey Marion of Women’s Weekend Fame!
There is a long association between the forest and the unconscious mind which is often seen as feminine. This is the domain of the Great Mother, the Feminine Principle. Forests symbolize the frontier, thresholds, the unknown. The wild numinous forest is the home of fairy tales and legends. Journeys into them are seen as initiations, tests and challenges; to return is to be reborn.
Our evening unfolds in flickering candlelight as a spiraling cocoon of luminous healing sound produced by ceremonial gongs, bowls, bells, drums and otherworldly vocals carries you deep into relaxation and the archetypal forest to connect with nature and invoke the support of the unconscious – a place of investigation, opportunity, and energetic attunement.
Bring your mat, blanket and pillow and drift off immersed in this spell-inducing story of renewal and rebirth while surrounded by the sounds, sensations, and fragrances of the Autumnal night woods.
Yoga Nidra and guided meditation: Dianna Lucas
This is an overnight retreat and accommodations are limited, please register now to reserve your room! What to bring: warm clothing for the outdoor gathering and a mat, pillow, and cozy blankets or comforter for the sound journey. Bring rattles and drums if you have them!

We look forward to sharing the magic with you.

Triple occupancy room:

double occupancy room:

single occupancy room: